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Headed by a strong pool of 400+ scientists and researchers, R & D activities are at the core of Intas. Its constant quest for developing new products and technology has led breakthrough innovations in a wide spectrum of research areas. In last 3 years, Intas has filed 50+ formulation patents in its credit.

Intas has extensively worked on Para IV and 505 (b) 2 products for USA market and a few products are already developed and filed with USFDA. Intas targets to file 3-5 Para IV application to US market from 2011 onwards.

Intas has developed few products with lipid-based NDDS platform technology, which has resulted in three pharmaceutical formulations that are being commercialized in India. Studies to extend these products into international markets are under progress.

The Research laboratories are well equipped with sophisticated equipments to support analytical challenges meet ICH guidelines confirming the product quality. Intas has the capabilities to handle various types of reactions and resolve the analytical method related issues which shortens the development timeline cost effectively.

Intas's R & D strategies are focused on 2 major areas:

1. Pharmaceutical formulation development

  • Developing Generic formulation to enable day1 launch upon patent expiry
  • Developing new drug formulations for existing products for life cycle management
  • Development of NDA / NDF of small molecules
  • Improving processes for existing formulations
  • Development of innovative formulations
  • Development of non-infringing formulation for launch of products in US prior to patent expiry
  • Developing products based on new drug delivery platform

2. API development

  • Development of oncology and non-oncology range to remain competitive in international market
  • Development of new API to support first time launch of new products in Indian market
  • Development of non-infringing API process development to support Para IV filing
  • Cost management of processes in US-FDA/European regulatory authorities approved mega-manufacturing environment
  • Resolve complex chemistry & process related challenges and protecting the novel concept by filing patents to compete in global markets
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