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Project Shiksha

Neomec Project Shiksha is an initiative to help our budding Veterinarians for a better future. Started in the year 2004, Project Shiksha aims at helping talented and promising Veterinarians by providing them scholarship. Intas Animal Health offers this scholarship to two students per college per year based on the recommendations of the university. A significant numbers of students have been benefited by the scholarship till date. The selected candidate is awarded this scholarship during the World Veterinary Day celebration held every year at different locations.

World Veterinary Day

Intas also pioneers in bringing World Veterinary Day (WVD) celebration to India in 2001 which is now celebrated across the country. On WVD, Veterinarians organize Technical Seminar , Blood Donation camps, Brucellosis testing camps, Vet procession rally, award the renowned Veterinarians who have significantly contributed towards the profession, free treatment and deworming camps, get-together programs, Candle lighting, Cracker blasting and Essay Writing and Drawing Competitions in colleges. The day celebrates the ‘Pride of being a Vet’ as the Vets significantly contribute to the society by providing better animal healthcare, preventing zoonotic diseases, monitoring food quality and safety, reducing global hunger, Biomedical research and protecting the environment. In 2010, Intas also organized the WVD in the republic of Nepal with support of Nepal Veterinary Association.

Round Table Conference

Intas Animal Health in association with Indian Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Research (IAAVR) and Indian Society for Veterinary Surgery (ISVS) has organized Round Table on Mastitis, Rumenology, Companion Animal Practice and Surgical Affections. The prime objective of these round tables is to offer a platform for scientific discussions on the areas of prime importance. Till date the following round tables have been organized:

  • Round Table on Surgical Affections in Field Conditions (2010)
  • Round Table on Diseases of Companion Animals and their Emergency Management (2008)
  • 2nd Round Table on Rumenology (2006)
  • 1st Round Table on Rumenology (2005)
  • 1st National Integration of Field and 5th Round Table on Mastitis (2004)
  • 4th Round Table on Mastitis (2003)
  • 3rd Round Table on Mastitis (2002)
  • 2nd Round Table on Mastitis (2001)
  • 1st Round Table on Mastitis (2000)

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Clinical Case Management Competitions

Intas Animal Health in association with Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Chennai has organized Clinical Case Management Competitions for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students of the country since 2009 till date. These competitions have provided a platform to the budding Vets to share their clinical experiences. The platform primarily facilitates the effective use of a systematic approach to clinical problem solving and inculcate and enhance the practice of evidence based medicine and clinical problem solving approach for better animal healthcare. Each year more than 200 budding Vets from all Veterinary colleges of India gather together for the event. The event has till date also had participants from College of Veterinary Medicine, Michigan State University, US and Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, Blackburg, US.


A Continuous Veterinary Education program with an attempt to update the Veterinary professionals with the latest options in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases. Confluence is a platform for interaction of practicing Vets with the experts on various affections and problems in field practice. Intas has organized till date more than 90 Confluences at district and state level for the benefit of Veterinary professionals.

Anmol Bandhan

An initiative primarily oriented towards educating the livestock farmer on the importance of parasitic control, effective nutrition, farm hygiene and better animal productivity. Massive deworming camps are also organized round the country every year for the benefits of Farm Animals.

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